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Bander, Inc.

banderI have been advertising with Donnelly for over nine years.  Our company does cement work. We have seen steady growth as we have increased the amount of weeks we have put our circulars out.  Each year as we have grown the business, we needed more leads to support more men in the field.  So we looked to Donnelly and Bob Jacobs to increase our delivery.  In the beginning we targeted certain areas and just hit them every month or so, at the time putting out approximately 100,000 pieces.  Now we are covering more territory and hitting them every week - distributing over 1,200,000 this 2013 season.  We are seasonal but utilizing Donnelly Distribution we were able to extend our season a little longer.  We really hit it when the time is at hand.  I stand by the work Donnelly does as we are proof that the more you advertise the more return you see.  It’s simple math.  Next year, we will again add more to our coverage.  

When..asked to write a letter of recommendation I told Donnelly I would be more than happy to.  Thanks Donnelly for helping our business get to where we want it to go.

Michael Straiton, President
Bander Incorporated